When Trolls Told Her She Was Too Ugly For Photos, She Went On To Post A Year’s Worth Selfies

Melissa Blake from Illinois is an easy-going person who was termed ‘a force to be reckoned with’ by the Chicago Tribune. The outfit in the photo was of New York Fashion Week. She is disabled and recently became a victim of trolling. She is a journalist who recently wrote a piece for CNN that had an anti-Trump vibe to it.

So the haters took to calling her names, aiming to dehumanize her. However, instead of that breaking her spirit, the 39-year-old gleefully set on a journey to post a selfie a day, for the past year.

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The cruel remarks targeted her because of her unique appearance caused by the Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. Through her daily selfies and warm posts, she has turned to be a voice that cannot be ignored for all the disabled. Many disabled became inspired and started sharing their photos on social media.

She hashtagged her selfies #MyBestSelfie and added something of her daily or insightful experiences. Her posts were made in light of the rest of the disabled community.

She points out that societal beauty standards are tragic as they are valued. They don’t measure up as they leave out those who look different from the rest. Melissa wishes that the conversation she got to have with herself should have been realized when she was a teenager.

Her selfies tell her story.

She wrote essays, one of which was published by Refinery29.