Badly Photoshopped House Listing Incite Hilarious Twitter Comments

Selling a house is a tricky business. It’s similar to going to a job interview where you may need to window dress your credentials a little bit. If you say something false, the interviewer will find out, and then you don’t get the job.

If your house is up for sale or you want to rent it out, you polish up the place, make it look inviting and cozy. You photoshop a fake plant or a couch here and there to make it look like a lived-in place. That, you should NOT do, by any means. People will always notice if something is amiss.

It is what happened to Caitie Delaney when she posted on Twitter a Los Angeles house listing. The pictures were photoshopped, and people in the Twittersphere took notice.

Thus, hilarity ensued.

Caitie’s first post about the fake flower, stools, and couch

Image credits: caitiedelaney

Image credits: hotpads

A real kitchen with a stove, shelves, etc.

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Even the bathtub and tiles are real.

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

With real life-sized shelves to store clothes

Image credits: hotpads

The fake flower and stools appear, like a scene in Minecraft.

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Image credits: hotpads

Internet reactions:

The sofa doesn’t have a reflection, ergo vampirism.

Image credits: sjroland

Image credits: AckeHallgren

Caitie’s post is printed and hung on the wall.

Image credits: SpencerVann

Image credits: RazerWolf

Image credits: Joshua_Mikel

Adding cats can make them more believable. NOT!

Image credits: Gnosti_heretic

Image credits: SlugLife0607

Image credits: tononymous

Maybe the mirror is fake.

Image credits: MattExford

Image credits: LaurenReaditt