Are the ‘Stop the Douchebag’ Movement Members also Douchebags? You Decide

This Russian youth movement is controversial. They fight against rude drivers who scoff at traffic rules, or so they claim. One of their ways is to stick giant stickers that say, “I spit on everyone, I drive where I want,” on the violators’ windshields. They are praised and also criticized for their efforts. They are either hooligans or heroes, depending on who you ask.

They have been fighting against arrogant drivers since 2010. Vladimir Putin had expressed support for the movement back in 2011-2013. But in 2016, the Russian media changed their opinion against them, after a confrontation with a Russian Olympic champion.

For a time, the movement was liquidated. It was overturned six months later, then liquidated again in 2018. Despite that, they continue their efforts.

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YouTube video featuring a wrestler and a bully

Image credits: Space_Probe_One

A courteous young man is telling the bully who they are.

The bully doesn’t pay attention and attempts to drive on.

The bully, trying to run them down

A woman, disobeying traffic rules

A YouTube video featuring an AK-47 and an angry man

A YouTube video featuring a water-throwing woman

A YouTube video featuring a shovel and insane people.

A YouTube video of aggressive people who are also douchebags.

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