Brother and Sister Recreate their Goofy Childhood Pictures for their Mom’s 70th Birthday

Our moms are always there for us. They are with us from the time we were born and are usually with us when we grow up. Some moms, unfortunately, hardly care for their offspring and leave, never to be seen again. Yet some, the best among the rest, have their kids on top of their priority list.

A brother and sister wanted to commemorate their mom’s 70th year of existence. However, due to the coronavirus lockdown, they couldn’t visit her on her birthday. They had to cancel their planned trip together.

They didn’t know what to do. Then the sister thought of something brilliant. She told her brother that they would recreate the old childhood pictures that her mother had taken of them. It would honor her.

The brother, carrying the newly born sister. The sister eventually would outweigh the brother.

The floating head was thought of as a good effect back then. It looks silly now.

Two siblings in a kiddie pool. She even closed her eyes to get it right.

About to climb on the crib. Catch her. She might fall!

Playing in the park

The brother, feeding the sister a giant cookie

Pushing her on the swing

A Christmas picture

Still close to each other