Vintage Colorized Photos of Couples from the LGBT Community

Years ago, Andrea, a New York-based art director and lesbian, came across a collection of vintage portraits. In it were black-and-white photos of 12 LGBT couples in different poses and affectations. The photo collection was called “The Invisibles,” and was curated by Sebastian Lifshitz.

She was touched by the love and honesty portrayed in the pictures that she wanted to do something to commemorate them. She realized that even though they had to keep their affairs secret, they were still human and part of a larger history.

So, she colorized the pictures herself. She had to imagine what tones and real colors might have been in the original scene. She hoped she could give them the justice they deserved. She also created a page exclusively for these photos on Instagram. She wanted to support the LGBTQ community by doing something like this for their future.

More info: Instagram

Here are the twelve original and colorized portraits:

A no-color photograph of two men kissing lovingly

A lackluster photograph of two women about to make sweet love

An uncolored photograph of two men in joyful union

A photograph of two women kissing happily, no colors in the original

A black-and-white photograph of two men. One is an uncloseted gay, the other is still thinking.

A colored picture of two gay black men kissing