Obituary for a Witch Goes Viral Because of Its Absurdity

Many people became famous after dying. The most renowned one was Vincent Van Gogh. He is considered an artistic genius even as he was only celebrated for a single painting throughout his life. Another was Herman Mellville, who wrote the classic “Moby Dick,” and couldn’t even afford to make a decent living.

We can add Holly Blair to the list, who was presumably a witch in Idaho. No one knew who she was but became famous because of her obituary. It was perfect in its ridiculousness and absurdity that people were delighted after reading it. It was wonderfully witchy from the first to the last word.

Her family, however, were noticeably silent. There is little or no information if she had a husband or even children. If she had, then her family sure are funny people.

Wherever she may be, she may be laughing herself silly.

More info:

The obituary, which launched the dead witch into superstardom.

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A small offering to the dearly departed witch.

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Image credits: woodriverchapel

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the witchiest of all?

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Image credits: woodriverchapel

Internet reactions:

Light a lantern for the witch.

She appreciates that it’s all a joke, after all.

She is fun and has a good sense of humor.

Another witch commented.

She wishes to die the same way.