“Remastered” Footage of the “Flying Train” Ride Shows Germany in 1902

The footage is from a proprietary 68 mm film taken in a suspended railway at the Barmen-Elberfeld area in Germany. Denis Shiryaev hailed from Poland and is part of the Neural Love Agency as an AI specialist. He turned the two-minute black and white recording into a 4-minute colored video. He stabilized the footage, smoothed out the rough edges, added sounds, and music. The result is mind-blowing and amazing.

It is like going on a trip in a time machine to the past, specifically in Germany, in 1902. It is a simpler time back then.

The technology was still in its infancy. People, houses, and buildings weren’t that many. World Wars hadn’t happened yet, and Germany was still a viable country.

More info: Youtube | Neural.Love

Check out the remastered video which will knock your socks off. It is how they lived in the past.

Image credits: Denis Shiryaev

Image credits: wikipedia

The Schwebebahn railway of today, still “flying” over a German town 118 years later.

Image credits: wikipedia

The train passes over people and houses.

The train passes a woman wearing an apron and holding a basket.

The train passes over houses and buildings.

The train passes over a footbridge with people walking.

The train goes through a station, never stopping.

The original black and white footage

Image credits: The Museum of Modern Art

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Past and present merge

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