The Greatest Collaboration since Bread and Butter: IKEA and LEGO

There is now an answer to the age-old question: “Where will I store my LEGOs?” The answer is BYGGLEK.

The BYGGLEK storage box collection came out of the combined work of two amazing companies. LEGO has played a huge part in kids’ and adults’ lives since the 1930s. The Swedish brand IKEA, meanwhile, is known for its inexpensive home furniture.

It is a natural and eventual course of action that two like-minded companies would create a collaboration. It is a meeting of minds comparable to Nikola Tesla meeting Thomas Edison for the first time.

Starting on October 1, 2020, the BYGGLEK collection became available in all major department stores. The assortment has a set of bricks from LEGO, two large box sets, and a small box set in threes. The price starts at $9.99 for a set of three small boxes going up to $14.99 for the largest box.  Watch out for it!

More info: IKEA | Instagram

Here are the promotional pictures:

The box can also function as LEGO pieces because it can attach and detach itself from the others.

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

It is available in many colors and for a variety of storage options.

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Image credits: IKEA x LEGO

Internet reactions:

She thinks it’s a great idea.

She’s hesitant but still likes it.