People who Body-Shamed Chadwick Boseman Before his Death have Hopefully Learned their Lesson

Chadwick Boseman is like a bright star hurling through space, and in one moment, gone from existence. His light shone very brightly for only a short time.

Chadwick’s unfortunate passing came as a surprise to everyone, his fans most of all. News broke that as early as four years back, he had colon cancer and had been getting treatment for it, fighting it privately. No one knew about his condition except for the people who are closest to him, including his fiancée. Before he succumbed to his death, they were able to get married.

A few months before his death, he posted an Instagram video where he spoke about Operation 42, an initiative to help African American communities during the Coronavirus pandemic. People observed how gaunt he was. Soon some began making jokes and mocking him.

But more people were concerned and castigated the naysayers. Like in the Black Panther movie, good eventually wins in the end.

Chadwick in happier times

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A fan, chastising the body-shamers

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A call to be kind

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Chadwick, attending the birthday of a girl with cancer

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Celebrities are humans too.

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Some people are just insensitive jerks

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Being sensitive when commenting about weight

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A cancer survivor sympathizes.

Some people just don’t care and like being mean to others.