Black Teenager Posts Mom’s Unwritten Rules to Stay Safe in White America

This viral TikTok post directly correlates with George Floyd’s unfortunate passing. His death was controversial since he was killed under police custody. The US African American population was shocked and outraged, and rightfully so. Some went to great lengths to protest.

Cameron Welch, an 18-year-old from Houston, Texas, felt he needed to do something. He decided to post videos talking about the unwritten rules his mother imparted to him. He did this because he didn’t want this to happen again when a black person is unfairly treated and unceremoniously killed. The USA’s efforts toward racial equality is still a long road ahead.

Cameron shared that he created the video to give people a better understanding of how people like him feel from day to day. Cameron’s posts went viral and it was viewed more than 10 million times and had 45,000 comments.

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Cameron, an ordinary Texan teen

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Here are the posts in Cameron’s TikTok:

Let everyone know that you’re not hiding something. White people always assume that black people are doing something bad.

Gangsters usually do that.

Let no one accuse you of stealing.

Police always think that the black man is the culprit.

Cooperation with the police is vital.

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Internet reactions:

A teacher appreciates what Cameron is doing and also saddened by the situation.