Nigerian Fashion Designer Creates Fabulous Dresses that Can Be Styled in More than 3 Ways

Nigerian Oyinda Akinfenwa’s main contention is that a dress shouldn’t be worn only once. With ingenuity and passion for designing, she came up with multifunctional dresses that can be worn differently on a variety of occasions. She spends a lot of time thinking about each piece of clothing. When she makes a mistake, instead of getting rid of it, she goes along and incorporates it with the design.

According to her, designing is an over the top experience that gives her quite a high because it’s an opportunity to express what’s in her head and she knows that people will love it. She also aims to give back to the industry of fashion, so she strives to always be creative and make interesting pieces, which is what designing is really all about.

Keep an eye out for her many designs on her social media platforms.

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Here are her multifaceted dresses:

Image credits: just_oyinda

A one-minute video of her emerald-colored dress that went viral.

Image credits: Oyinda Akinfenwa

The many designs of the green dress

A differently designed light-brown dress

A semi-conservative look

A video showcasing the many styles of a shiny blue miniskirt

Image credits: Oyinda Akinfenwa

Three different styles of the blue dress

A fully covered maroon polka dot dress

A purple body-hugging sexy dress

The same purple dress but more formal and still sexy

Image credits: just_oyinda