Ongoing Protests Ensued for Months Against the Confederate Statue But Hurricane Laura Smashed it to the Ground

The statue of the South Defenders was put up in 1915 in Louisiana, Downtown Lake Charles. It was in recognition of the Confederacy fighters. George Floyd’s death motivated them to protest for the taking down of the Confederate monuments.

Lately, 59 of these monuments were removed. In a petition by, the argument was that the statues applaud those who promoted slavery. The monuments never teach why the American Civil War took place. It only covers the atrocities done to honor the Confederacy. It also represents times of oppression suffered by 50% of the people living in Lake Charles.

Before a council meeting set in July, Bryan Beam said that out of the 945 written responses, 878 did not support the monument’s removal. Only 67 were for its removal. The council went with the higher number and kept the statue. However, when hurricane Laura struck at 1 am Thursday morning, the monument was toppled.

Many concluded that it was God who intervened that brought it down. In response to the news, Mac MacKenzie said on the monuments that they were offensive and they honored white supremacy. He added that previously when it came down (1918 &1995), it was repaired and restored. As such, no promise is made as to the things that will come.

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