28 of the Best Woolen Toys I Have Been Making for the Past Three Years

I am a mother of two children. Three years ago, I saw some strange toys that I later learned were made out of felting wool. The needle technique used to felt the wool was interesting. I tried to make a handmade toy. The first toy came out less than perfect but funny. With each finished animal, I got better.

People started paying for them, the felted animals being in high demand. Masha, my daughter, requested a bat brooch. It came out too big, a toy bat. Masha snapped it, posted it on social media, and warned that it was not for sale. However, for the past few weeks, my Instagram inbox had many messages. I was shocked to discover that hundreds of people had ordered and paid for toy bats that they never received. The one who scammed them charged them $19.99.

Though flattered that so many people love the toy bats, I’m disheartened that fulfilling promises I never made will be close to impossible even if I decided to. To get a toy bat ready, I have to work for 12-14 hours per day for ten days. They are made manually. Ksenya, my sister, helps me to reply to the messages and comments. A majority of my time is spent felting creatures for current customers.

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So this is my story. Currently, I spend most of my time doing original artwork for existing customers, so no time is left for replying to all the messages and comments. This is why I asked my sister Ksenya to help me out and respond to your comments. Thank you all for your understanding and support.