22 Pictures Showing the Boyfriend Almost Proposing but Holding it Out Unless She Notices the Engagement Ring

Edi Okoro knew that he wanted to marry Cally Read, his girlfriend. But after he got the engagement ring, he could not seem to get the perfect moment to pop the question. So he turned the situation around. He decided to test how long it will take until Cally notices the engagement ring.

His game was that in case she noticed, then he will take that as a huge go signal to then ask her to marry him. He did this because he is a spontaneous person and wanted that to come out in the engagement as a surprise. The game went on for almost a whole month before he had the opportunity to propose.

The couple met through athletic activities and traveled together during the competitions. He realized she was the one as they love each other’s company and their conversations are always interesting and never seem to end.

Diamond rings are closely connected to engagements and this tight link started in 1477 with Austria’s Archduke Maximilian. He proposed with a stone set aligned shaped in an M to Mary from Burgundy. It became the tradition for European royalty.

The tradition gained ground after diamonds were discovered in the 19th century in South Africa. In 1948 DeBeers started the campaign advocating that diamonds are forever. The diamond engagement ring industry is a 13 billion dollar enterprise.

Edi Okoro finally proposed, and Cally said yes.

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