21 Photos Capturing the 9/11 Attack that Will Surprise You

It has been a while since that devastating and life-changing day known as the 9/11 attack. The impact and devastation that came in its wake will last forever in American history. To make sure of this, many professional and amateur photographers captured the moment. Over the years, photos that had not been aired before made their way to the internet. They include where people were and what they were doing at that moment of impact. There are also satellite images of New York City.

3,000 people lost their lives that day. Most news agencies in America streamed the events as they unfolded. Approximately 2 billion people witnessed the collapse of the twin towers.

#1 Many people on Beekman & Park Row street watch as the South Tower starts collapsing.

#2 The moment just before the second plane made an impact

#3 People could be seen falling from the towers that were collapsing.

#4 People were captured running down Broadway street as the dust and smoke engulf the scene and the tower crushes.

#5 A man’s got to do his job.





#10 Heavily pregnant Isabel Daiser, and amateur pilot and architect, requested for a snapshot of the moment. She was clueless about what was happening around her, not so far from where they were.