30 Rib-Cracking Dark Comics Created by Arcade Rage

One way of getting through rough times clouded with anxieties is by incorporating dark humor. Pop culture, gamers, and meme lovers will love this. Arcade Rage embodies this witty creation of dark humor. The topics covered comprise global issues like environmental, mental health, and social issues. The artist groups his humor as “dump jokes for smart people.”

Virkus has done anthropology and creates comics as a hobby since his teen years. They are inspired by stuff affecting the world as a whole and stuff that comes with the entertainment industry. He tries to connect real-life issues with the art. His creations are meant to provoke thoughts or pose as a challenge. Then there is the stuff that he creates that is meaningless and plain funny.

This process helps him deal with his anxieties. He hopes the same will be experienced by his fans. On dealing with an artist’s low, he says that he gets through them by letting that time pass without feeling guilty about the bad feeling. Then he gets creative again.

Artists inevitably have highs and lows. The dark and light-heartedness of his comics make them appealing. He has 31.3K fans following his dark comics. He enjoys letting the audience crack the hidden meanings. He appreciates positive reactions and humorous comments as well.

Art is an outlet that eases the complexities. It is also a point of focus when he finds himself a little all over the place. The highlight of his comics was when he worked with Toggl’s developers on using a programming language to save a princess. And, when Estonia’s president retweeted. People should stick with what makes them happy, but they should also be courteous.

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