It is Funny How Amazon Attempts to Hide Packages in Plain Sight as People Share on a Twitter Thread

When a package to be delivered by courier gets stolen, lost, or damaged, the one who gets the blame is the one who brought it. To prevent any of these misfortunes, you would think that Amazon will try their best to ensure the safety of its delivery parcels. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

One Twitter user started a thread to make this point. Danielle McPherson recently came home to find her package from Amazon delivered and placed on decorative rocks with a few of those placed on top of the box. The post got more than 325 thousand likes and comments of about 1.1K. The delivery men make no effort to securely hide the package.

Morgan Stanley makes estimates of the packages that Amazon delivers being at 3 billion and 4.7 billion for FedEx and UPS United States shipping volumes packages in a year, respectively. CEO Jeff Bezos said that customers enjoy the change of Prime to a day from two days with billions of items already ordered for that day that it will be done for free this year. His company’s focus is not only for faster deliveries of more packages, but it’s the entire process of transportation from the stores to the customer’s doorstep.