People Get Creative in Keeping with the Belarusian White-Red-White Flag When the Belarus Authorities “Ban” It

The political atmosphere in Belarus is quite tense. This reality is due to the staged election whose results were manipulated to keep Alexander Lukashenko, their longtime leader, in power. The usual sight is of ongoing mass protests. Thousands and thousands of Belarus citizens can be witnessed in the country’s capital, Minsk. The main symbol is the white-red-white flag that was in use during the existence of a separate state in 1918-1919.

In 1991 the flag was reinstituted, but Lukashenko changed it. By then, it was symbolic of freedom but now is symbolic of protests. Recently the citizens noticed government officials removing white-red-white from public places and buildings. It looked like the authorities had banned the flag.

People then became creative with other items and objects to recreate the white-red-white colors of the flag.

#1 Underpants can be seen pegged from a clothesline in white-red-white sequence

#2 A lady can be seen standing beside a priest at the gates of the church building while wearing a white dress with an elaborate red strip painted around the lower part of the dress.

#3 White-red-white brassieres can be seen hanging on the window panes through the clear glass.

#4 People creatively built a large white-red-white using plastic bumpers. They do not have water in them.


#Belarus | In #Hrodna, cars created a white-red-white flag

— Balki Begumhan Bayhan (@bbbayh) August 30, 2020