Sold Out Miniature Paintings Created by Rats

Apparently, rats can be quite the painters if given the chance. Such was the work of Toogood’s Tiny Paws. It was started on April 20, 2019. This business idea was born out of a place of mourning. The pet owner explained that one of her critters, Captain Jack Sparrow, died on the operating table. She wanted to keep a memoir from him. She managed to get some paw prints from Jack as she was around him when he passed on. It was how the idea came about.

She did it for the rest of her pet rats to have something to remember them by. With her other hobby being photography, she took pictures of them standing by their little art pieces. When she posted them online, they got so much attention.

Her pet rats are 12 in number. She has done some training on the mice, like putting some of them through a miniature agility course and training the others. Steph went on to say that Toogood’s Tiny Paws Facebook is also for keeping up with the welfare of rats as pets. There are other items she sells that has her pets’ art like hair scrunchies, coasters, keyrings, among others. However, currently, her Etsy store is out of stock of all the art pieces as they have been sold out.

More info: Facebook| Etsy