Ceramic Plates in 13 Displays of Irresistibly Decorative Curled-Up Cats

This is a good set-up for lovers of felines who would like to see more of them on their ceramics. They are partly sculpted into the gorgeous pieces of ceramics. The artist behind the craft is Tatiana, who also goes by Taniko Ga.

You can use the plates to keep your jewelry or souvenirs. She makes provisions for hanging them on the wall using an attached metallic loop. You can also eat from them. The plates are in various sizes and the cats appear curled up snugly.

Tatiana loves cats and enjoys working with ceramics, as she informed a news outlet.
The material used is white clay, and the paint is applied manually. She has sculpted all types of cats. Among them are white cats, tabby cats, and siamese cats. One can buy the plates from her Etsy page.

More info: Instagram | Etsy

#1 An orange-colored tabby cat sculpted into a ceramic plate

#2 Different colored ceramic plates have sculpted cats on them

#3 A blue-eyed Siamese cat on a ceramic plate




#7 A ceramic plate with ginger, white, and black colored cat


#9 A grey tabby cat snuggled up, is making up the ceramic plate




#13 A picture of a set of three ceramic plates made up of different types of cats