Freddie Mercury Adored His Cats and Saw them as His Children

He was known as the Ultimate Cat Guy. That was Freddie Mercury. He was a cat rockstar, having dedicated songs to them. His boyfriend of seven years, Jim Hutton, admitted Delilah was his favorite cat. She was a tri-colored tabby cat. An entire album, Mr Bad Guy, was in dedication to Jerry, and his other cats at the time, as stated in the Queen Archives. He wore a shirt with his own cats painted on it, in “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” his last video.

When he was away on tour with Queen, he often called Austin and had them put close to the phone, so he could talk to them. Peter Freestone, his personal assistant, attested to this.

Mary Austin was his girlfriend, who introduced him to cats in the 1970s when she bought two cats for them. They were Tom and Jerry. After came Romeo, Tiffanny, Oscar, Dorothy, Miko, Delilah, Lily, and Goliath. He got most of them from rescue centers, with at least two being from The Blue Cross, a charity that takes care of sick animals in the UK.

This was pointed out by the Official Queen Fan Club leader, Jacky Smith, who ran the club for 21 years.

According to some reports, the famous singer eventually hosted a total of 10 cats, Tiffany, Dorothy, Delilah, Goliath, Lily, Miko, Oscar, and Romeo. His cats were his family, wrote Freestone, saying that Mercury made sure each cat had his or her own Christmas stocking filled with treats and toys.