Born Black, a Cat Turns Marble at 7 and is Still Alive at 19

In 1997, David bought a black cat. He had no idea that one day the color of his coat will change. He named him Scrappy. The cat was sitting all by himself. He did not look as appealing to the eye as his siblings. So David decided to pick him as he thought he would be overlooked by others. This, David, narrated to MeowBox.

At 7-years-old, this is when Scrappy’s fur coat started turning white. The most likely culprit is vitiligo. It is a genetic mutation that rarely affects cats. But in this case, it made Scrappy beautiful, and it does not affect other aspects of his health. He rarely ever sits still to get his photo taken being the diva that he is. Sometimes he can even get grumpy.

He picks scraps with cats from the neighborhood despite being a senior cat. It is where he got his name Scrappy from and he can also be noisy at night when he wants to get out. His loud meows at night keep the owner up mostly. Other than this, he is adorable and loves his owner David. He is the only person he allows to give him belly rubs. Given his beautiful marble coat, anyone could get jealous of David.

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