20 Extreme Emotions on Cats’ Faces Made Possible by Face Cutouts

If you want to know how loved the felines are, type in a search for ‘cat.’ Billions of results come up. There are many ways to have fun with your cats and lately, Adrian had quite the idea, comprising paper cutouts with facial expressions, held up against the cats’ faces, and photoshopped. The result – 20 believable cats’ facial expressions! He made the cutouts for the eyes and mouth as they are the parts where facial expressions are most displayed.

Atlas and CleoCatra are blood sisters from different litters. They are cross-bred from a male British Shorthair and a female Scottish Fold. Atlas got her folded ears from her mother and her short hair from her dad. On the other hand, CleoCatra has her mother’s long hair and her dad’s straight ears. Together, they portray two best worlds in themselves.

CC is often seen following her big sister around. They enjoy cuddling together. They both love their owner and follow him around, waiting on him when he disappears into the shower.

Their Instagram has about 121K fans and there are over 1.7K posts. They caused a stir on Imgur with about 3K upvotes and more than 127K views. Fans wanted to see more expressions. But Adrian is always coming up with more creative ideas. You can find the cats’ adventures and Adrian’s creativity with them on their own Instagram.