Due to Miscommunication, Indian Man Orders One Truckload of Rice for his Family, Brother-In-Law Tweets about It

An Indian man got tired of going to the market every day to buy rice. So, he decided to order it by bulk to save the hassle. Moreover, when you buy in high volume, you get to take advantage of economies of scale or to put it simply, you pay much less for getting so much. It’s a good strategy especially for things that you buy that won’t perish in the near-term. You can keep them in stock for their long shelf life.

Nonetheless, some wires get crossed sometimes. This Indian man, for instance, mistakenly got one truckload of rice.

His brother-in-law Shiv Ramda was in his home when this happened.

Check out Shiv’s Twitter thread.

The truckload of rice (not an actual picture).

Image credits: shankar s. (not the actual photo)

Shiv’s sister found out and is mad.

The truck had arrived. BIL (brother-in-law) is talking to the driver.

BIL trying to explain.

Negotiations are still ongoing. The rice warehouse owner enters the picture.

Both are laughing.

Shiv’s sister is mad. Their father comes home.

Dad joins in.

Ongoing negotiations.

The warehouse owner wants to hear all sides.

No resolution yet

Image credits: nameshiv

Shiv became irritated.

Their mother feeds everyone while waiting.

The warehouse owner arrives.

BIL getting desperate.

Shiv being funny.

Compromise reached

BIL buying 10 bags

Everyone gets what they want.

All images above credit: nameshiv