Viral Video of Mama Bear Scolding her Baby Bear for Being a Peeping Tom

Something like this happens to moms everywhere. To Sumer Walser Williams, it was easy to identify with because it’s a day to day experience that she has with her own kids.

Williams feels that what makes the video clip fantastic was the fact that it was truly relatable in every respect and it’s something that you observe about all mothers in whatever species.

You can watch the video of a mother bear concerned about her baby below. You will see how the baby bear gave a tiny peek at the window of Williams’ residence in the wee hours of the morning. It’s as if it was trying to check if somebody’s awake inside the house.  However, her mother soon came running towards the baby and seemed to have given her a “scolding” for acting like a “Peeping Tom.”

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Naughty baby bear wakes up the neighbors and the mom approaches looking irritated. She scolds the cub. The house owners are delighted with the visit. The bears then leave, taking our hearts with them.

Image credits: Sumer Walser Williams

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