A Bobby Pin for a House is the Mission of this Woman’s Trade

Who’s ever heard of a trade-off or barter trade? The “Straw Millionaire” is a legend of a Japanese Buddhist who observes a poor man getting rich. His first item of trade was a straw.

More recently (2005), Kyle MacDonald, a blogger from Canada, started a trade-in with a red paperclip. 14 transactions later, he landed a two-story farmhouse.

Well, Demi Skipper, 29, is using this old trading method to get her dream house too. Her first trade item is a bobby pin. You can follow her exciting journey on her “Trade Me Project” TikTok account.

Currently, around 3.8M people are following, and 24.7M people like this. So far, she’s done 15 trade-offs. From a bobby pin valued at $0.01, the 15th trade-off is a Boosted Board V3 Plus valued at $1400.

She sees herself as a born hustler. So she challenged her negotiating skills in the project. She says that it takes hard work before a trade deal can be sealed. The short videos only highlight the victory. She explained to Good Morning America that it’s only a matter of time until she gets the house.

For her daily income, she operates a wedding dress business, and she is working for a restaurant booking app.

And here is the list of 15 trade-offs she has done so far

All images above credit: trademeproject