30 Times Brides Show that Beautiful Brides are Made of Beautiful Wedding Dresses, not Expensive Ones

The perfect wedding dress is every little girl’s desire and every bride’s dream fulfilment. For the most part, wedding dresses are expensive. However, the Subreddit r/Weddingsunder10k proves that you can get a beautiful wedding dress within your budget no matter how tight it is.

In the community, a lot is shared by both grooms and brides that will help bring down the budget. Brides are adorning beautiful dresses that they did not have to cough up their life savings to buy. It goes to prove that a stunning dress does not have to be expensive.

Rosemarie, the “Busy Budgeter” blog writer, said that the one thing she wanted great was the wedding dress. She was on a budget of $200, yet the dresses she found were $700-$1500. But on a Saturday, she made her way to St. Anthonys bridal in Maryland within an establishment called Dogtopia.

The store was selling wedding dresses at $150 with a free veil. When she finally got the dress she wanted, she looked at the label. It read, “Demetrios designer dress. The sellers of the dress label online were selling at $3000. Her advice is for people to type their State and “non-profit wedding dress” to see whether there is a store near them.