50 Dads Who Prove that They Will Always Love the Pets They’ll Never Want

It is unheard of for a dad to want a pet. But wait till the pet arrives. You will always find them somewhere around dad.

Psychologist Chris Blazina, New Mexico State University College of Education in Mexico professor, researched the phenomena. He wrote, “When Man Meets Dog.” It received recognition by the “National Indie Excellence Book Award” in the category of “Men’s Health.” He also wrote, “Men and Their Dogs: A New Understanding of Man’s Best Friend.”

Chris points out that Western culture portrays a man as needing to be tough. They deny the need for emotional connections with others. But they are still humans who need to meet emotional needs. That’s why they will refuse anything that shows their bonding with their pets.

As men grow older, they get attached to their pets. This happens as their social network shrinks. Pets and their companions take the central part of their lives. 45% of them will seek emotional support from their pets than from adult children, siblings, friends, and parents. It converts intimacy as they will never admit it. The only other affection that will rival the pet will be that of their companion. They could probably be loving the pet more than the kids.