50 Pictures Depicting the Actual Massive Sizes of Animals, in Contrast, to Our Imagination

We often hear about the biggest animals that would easily tower over humans twice, thrice, and some even ten times our size. But how big, exactly, are they?

There are many times where we have heard how massive animals are. Most of the time, we must admit we are a little hazy on the actual implication of the sizes mentioned.

The largest cat breed is called the Maine coon. It can grow up to 40 inches. The average cat is 8-10 inches in adulthood. Jess Beckwith breeds Maine coon in the UK (RudyCats.co.uk). Maine coons have been called the dogs of the cat world due to their massive sizes and outrageous personalities. They weigh from 11-33 pounds.  The largest of the breed is called Barivel. He is 3 feet o 11.2 inches from the head to the tip of the tail.

A wombat is a nocturnal marsupial who looks like a massive guinea pig. Patrick weighs 84 pounds. He is the oldest and largest wombat to have ever lived. A new species resembling wombats was discovered in Australia recently. It is “Makupirna nambensis, meaning “big bones.”

Its fossils are said to be the oldest in the area, dating back 25M years ago. It could have been 5 times the size of an adult wombat today, weighing 330 pounds. The biggest of the wombat-like creatures is the “Diprotodon.” It lived around 11,700 years ago and weighed over 2 tons.