47 Photos of Hilarious Signs Left by an Artist for People to Find

We all love smart street art. It brightens the day because we can’t see it coming. Michael Pederson is from Sydney. He’s a creative street artist. His art is witty and catchy. It will sneak up on you and throw you off your game.

He purposely encourages people to be attentive to their surroundings. He strategically places his pieces of art. The pieces of art are sure to elicit a laugh or provoke a smile whenever you come across them. He installs them in public places as well as in hidden spots.

The artist told CityLab that he enjoyed adding a twist to a familiar place.

Don’t we all agree that now more than ever, “personal space preference cards” are necessary?

The suggestion of time travel in a forsaken spot is sure to throw you off balance.

The street games may give you exciting activities to engage in.

In a real-life situation, if you can’t fit in like the white paper among green leaves, faking it will be impossible.

The text on the discarded scrap metal sure brings life to the forlorn environment.

The park bench history of awkward silences will leave you in stitches. Those will not be bored minutes sitting on that bench.