30 Best Quotes from Children that Will Get You Laughing and Loving Them More

Sarit and Assaf Katz are married and have three children. Their girls are Maya, 7, Roni, 11, and Scarlet, 13. The Israeli couple was fascinated by their pithy comments. They created “Kids r the best screenwriters,” where they posted their kids’ funny statements. Their fans caught on and started sending the same thing from their children. They then featured their favorites.

The project started out as a family blog. Intrigued by their first born’s succinct comments at 2, Assaf started writing them down and occasionally sharing them on his Facebook profile. The trend continued with the last 2 kids. It was all done in Hebrew and friends and family enjoyed them so they opened a Facebook page dedicated to this.

They started this back in 2013. Currently, they have over 350k fans on Facebook and Instagram. During the coronavirus pandemic, they created the English version. They translated a few from the original page, and then the quotes started pouring in from other parts of the world.

They truly believe that kids are authentic and uncorrupted in their view of life. This comes out from the unbiased point of view they give. Parents would do good to listen and take note of what their kids say. It will turn out to be a treasure valued by their children.