Ignore the “Do’s and Don’ts” from the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu Outbreak at the Cost of Repeating Historical Mistakes

There is nothing unique underneath the sun. History replicates itself. Wise people learn from the past to avoid bad results. Whatever is happening right now during the COVID-19 pandemic is what happened during the Spanish flu pandemic a century ago.

Talya Varga made a post to highlight the issue. She even uploaded a precautionary sheet that was written in that period. It went viral, prompting other people to bring evidence from photos of people and patterns of the flu in that period. Whatever is happening right now is like a play-back of what happened then.

The Spanish flu pandemic was first detected in the spring of 1918 among military personnel. The agent was the H1N1 virus carrying genes of avian origin. Approximately one-third of the world, around 500 million people got infected. About 50 million people died globally. Around 675,000 deaths happened in the USA.

Social distancing saved thousands of lives in the US back then. Philadelphia was more negligent in following the regulations than was St Louis. It registered with around twice as many deaths per a thousand people, then did St Louis.

Times have changed, but our mindsets have remained the same. We are resistant to joining forces to fight the unseen enemy.

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