30 Influencers Lying About their Genuine Looks on the Spotlight in an Instagram Account

How many know that everything you see on the internet is not really all that they are cut out to be? Most of the celebrity images displayed have heavy make-up and get airbrushed. Most of them are flawed just like the regular person in the streets.

One Instagram account, “Beauty False,” is where they have decided to humanize celebrities. They expose them as they really are. It is unfair for that impressionable teenager looking up to celebrities, hating their bodies for false celebrity claims. What you see is not what you get with celebrities.

The account has a following of over 994 thousand. Even the fairy tales they spin on how they rose to fame are most of the time far from the truth. There are a few genuine souls like Tom Hanks and Keeny Reeves. But, there are rarely ever overnight celebrities.

If you aspire to be a star, have humble expectations. Also, set realistic goals that match your natural talents and abilities. Then, give the process patience and time.

We should always remember that as human beings we are flawed. Insecurities make us hide our flaws behind the false presentation. So are celebrities. Therefore, let’s not judge them harshly as we would probably do the same if we were in their shoes.