30 Regular Items Whose Original Purpose of Use is Nothing You Would Have Guessed

Many of the items we use today to go about our duties were well thought out. We may not realize it today and as we utilize them but read on to find out more about these handy things.

Paper margins were made during an era infested with rodents. The margins were to allow work to be written further from the edges to give the rats a chewing allowance.

The making of brass doorknobs was for the specific intention of killing bacteria, making them ideal for homes with children.

Belts on coats today are for aesthetic purposes. Originally they were to enable the adjustment of large military jackets that were also used as blankets.

Did you know that the Ziploc bags accompanying new clothes were not for patching holes or replacing buttons? They were designed to test different cleaning products before using them on your clothes so that you would not damage them.

The tiny buttons on strategic points on your jeans were placed in places prone to tearing, thus increasing the longevity of the fabric.

The holes in pen caps were precautionary measures put in place in case someone accidentally got choked on them.  There was a tendency for people to chew on them and swallow them.

The drawer under the oven is for keeping food warm.