35 “Ugly Design” Instagram Pictures that Will Keep You On Edge and Yearning for More

Most of us agree that most of the head-turners are things out of the norm.
They are not the usual flamboyant designs. I suggest that whatever it is, it is ugly and gets you looking. More often than not, laughing too.

That’s what Sebastien Mathys and Jonas Nyffenegger had in mind when they came up with Instagram’s “Ugly Design” page. With 572 thousand followers, you can bet they are not the only ones who like ugly designs. They met in Switzerland in 2013 as design students in Switzerland, their home country.

The idea sprouted when they went to an international exhibition on furniture in Milan. There, they saw a bathtub that looked like a sofa. From then, they challenged each other on who could be the best at making the ugliest design.

In 2015, their dream started to materialize. For a year, they went at it on Tumblr. But it got a good hold of online users when it was introduced on Instagram. Their displays are imaginative ugly designs like you’ve never seen.

When they started out, they were just pointing out what they knew to be ugly. But the ugly grew on them, and it no longer has a negative connotation on their perception.