The 8 are Not Tiny Hippos, but Hairless Guinea Pigs

Most of us are familiar with guinea pigs having lots of hair. In fact, most have very long hair. But there is a new misnomer.

Are they really tiny hippos? They are hairless guinea pigs! And it’s not because they got a close shave. No! It would be dangerous to do that to such tiny rodents.

They are a breed called “Skinny Pigs.” They are born hairless with a little fluff on their limbs, feet, and muzzles. They are said to have originated from a genetic mutation. They were first spotted in 1978.

Nowadays, they are born from hairy guinea pigs cross-bred with hairless lab strains. In 1982 the hairless guinea pigs babies were taken to the Charles River Laboratories to reproduce more of them. They are used for conducting examinations on the skin.

Besides the fact that they have to eat more to maintain their body temperature, their immunity, thymus function, and psychological predisposition are the same as the hairy guinea pigs. People in Canada, Russia, and Europe have been keeping them as pets since the 1990s. There were quite a few sarcastic comments on these unique hairless guinea pigs. There’s more than enough witnesses that they look like miniature hippos.