6-year-old Kid Rewarded Handsomely by a Builder for Helping Out During Construction

Not many will appreciate the help of kids when working. However, one unnamed builder was kind enough to recognize the work done by his customer’s kid.

The builder was working on a patio which the customer’s son Harry joined in to help. The little man didn’t disappoint as he did quite a few tasks from mixing concrete, loading stones, to the most hilarious one such as taking snapshots of blackbirds and spiders. Harry did a great job and earned himself 10 bucks as tip.

The builder wrote a note thanking Harry for an excellent job. Steph Heathcote found that piece of writing and took it to Twitter to express her joy. Her post went viral.

Having children get involved in simple assignments around the home may help them develop a sense of collaboration and duty. This may be encouraged by letting them make decorations in their sleeping rooms. The sense of freedom will make them mindful of the stuff around the home.

However, some people were critical of this. One person named @Panlidsid, who is also a builder, tweeted and said that building sites are unsafe, and he doesn’t entertain children around the place. But still, many continued to narrate their own stories of how they got paid for helping out too.

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