2.3M Followers of Pixie and Brutus Comics Reached and Here are their Latest Strips

It’s been over a year since Hed started a brand new comics show that he uploaded on his Instagram. The characters, cute little cat Pixie and former military canine Brutus made his fans fall in love with them immediately.

Hed explained to We during an interview how he never planned to make the comic series. He just had a brilliant idea of introducing a little kitty to Brutus while at work. People loved the show and he had to keep producing more.

The show goes beyond the major characters, from the fantastic supporting cast, stunning art, and compelling storytelling. The polar opposite characters bring this show to a whole different level, and just like the previous ones, the latest comics are pretty much breathtaking as well.

Pixie is an energetic, joyful kitty insensible to the risks around her. In contrast, Brutus is a frightening retired military pooch but is gentle with Pixie, and he does everything to protect little kitty.

Hed mentioned that although he feels the pressure to produce from his massive following of fans, he continues to create more content.

Check out their previous comics to know more about Hed, Pixie, and Brutus.

First time Brutus and Pixie met

Brutus helping Pixie get rid of the sauce all over his head

Image credits: Ben Hed

Brutus helping Hugo climb down a high ground