Prepare to Get Tickled as You See Captured Expressions of Dogs Aiming for Treats Mid-Air

There’s a special camera with a freeze-frame that enables one to capture the exact moment when the targeted action is taking place. This camera may be used for those fleeting moments that you need to take a snapshot of. It’s going to be difficult to achieve such a feat if you only use a typical camera because the moment will breeze past so quickly before you can even hit that button!

This unique featured camera is what Christian Vieler uses to catch the dogs’ goofiest expressions in a heartbeat. He has managed to gather quite a collection of those funny-looking grins and goofy expressions. Of course, it took some skills and talent as well to get his subjects to deck out hilarious facial acrobatics.

Scroll down and check out what Christian captured and they will surely give you some laughs. Feel free to leave comments and mark your favorites from the collection!

You can see the saliva produced in anticipation of the treat.

You may catch the exposed teeth ready for the catch.

You can spot the anticipation and disappointed look when the catch is missed.

The dog was surprised by the sudden appearance of a snack before his eyes.