“Karens” Demanding for Schools to be Opened are Joined by Grim Reapers Who Put Sense into the Possible Outcome

It is no secret that kids have been home for the longest time. The global pandemic requires the specified measures put in place to be followed to prevent further infections.

Regardless, some “Karens” from West University Elementary School would prefer schools to be opened. Their argument is that kids thrive from daily interactions with their peers, as pointed out by Christine Flood, one of the mums. They made a Red Apple protest to voice their grievances. They plan to do so every Monday at 8 a.m till their voice is heard.

They were against Houston ISD’s move to open schools virtually in the fall. It was a gratifying sight to see grim reapers joining them in the demonstration to emphasize the implication of opening schools.

The ironic move was applauded as seen by over 270.5K Twitter likes and 72 thousand retweets after Atro Spell shared the post. The majority of parents and teachers are not for the idea. The grim reapers were commended for braving the summer in black outfits to drive the point home.

No matter the line of argument, if schools open, chances are the virus will spread rapidly, infecting and affecting those that are most vulnerable.

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