40 Colorized Photos that Might Add a Twist to How You View History

Have you ever heard of how old photos can be colorized to make them come alive? Indeed photoshop can now be used to infuse color into black and white photos from ages ago. That is what Mads Madsen does part-time.
Otherwise, he is doing a Master’s of the Classics degree, which focuses on old Rome and Greece.

The idea of colorization came to him as he was going through Reddit not so long ago. He came across old photos colorized by hand, and this captured his attention. They were done by an old lady, as he soon found out. She used oil paint for that.

He broke down her work into eras, personalities, and periods. Then he thought to take up the challenge.

Madsen likes picking good quality photos of people with beautiful eyes. What makes him decide on whether or not to colorize a photo depends on whether the eyes will be appealing in the end product. His gallery is full of photos of all types of blue-eyed people.

The process is not a walk in the park. The most challenging photos are those with overlapping objects. He gives a YouTube video tutorial to get you started in case you are interested in the art.