30 Illustrations from The Anonymouse Swedish Community of Artists Constructing Mind-Blowing Miniature Architecture

There are these creative people who have brought their minds together. They are enthusiasts of many building projects and the world has seen them coming up with intricate designs for everything. Their works are a form of street art. So, there’s a daring spirit in them and they are from Sweden.

The art, comprising a mouse-sized Italian restaurant and nut shop, made its debut in Malmo town in 2016. This was followed by other fascinating miniature architectural works.

A member operating the Anonymouse Instagram account said that the idea was activated in 2016, from Paris. The Anonymouse group adopted from the idea of a fantasy world that exists alongside our world, borne from Don Bluth and Disney movies, and by Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish author.

In this little world, little creatures use discarded things for their world. The group’s intention is to bring little joys and surprises to children and other people generally. The creativity of other people is also fueled, bringing the inner child to the surface.

Parents and children have ideas about projects they can take up together. Other people from across the globe have taken up the practice and share their pictures as well.

A miniature gas station was modified from an empty gasoline gallon.