Covering Scars and Nailing It

Tattoos have been a long-time trend. Believe it or not, it may be tougher to look for tattoo-less people nowadays. Most people get inked for aesthetic reasons. Probably they just want to etch a memory on their bodies. But one more reason why people like tattoos is to hide scars or birthmarks. This is why this Viet tattoo artist helps people with her creations.

Ngoc spends time designing tattoos for people who have the same purpose. She says it’s tough since one has to choose perfect colors, shapes and tattoo locations. Scarred skin, most especially, is difficult to tattoo on.

Covering up scars and other marks helps people forget painful memories. Ngoc makes them feel glad, comfortable and confident with their bodies. The tattoos somehow help in healing them from the inside out.

One time, Ngoc helped a lady. Her tummy was disfigured after giving birth to three children. She put a beautiful flower tattoo on her.

Tattooing needs experience, patience and knowledge. Ngoc is an expert in this industry since she has more than 10 years of doing this. She makes sure her tattoos are of quality because she knows very well that fixing such is hard. This can also damage the skin if done wrong.

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