Does Your Cat Play the Piano When He’s Hungry?

Do you know the best part of having pets? It’s the tricks you can teach them. When you have dogs, you can tell them to play dead, rollover or give a handshake. These tricks show how humans interact with pets. Also, it’s proof that animals can be smart too.

These stunts can be fun to watch but to teach your cat to touch a few piano keys during mealtime? It sounds crazy but any pet would love the idea. This looks cool but when your cat does it so many times in a day, it could be a problem.

Nyx took a video to Twitter to show her mini feline ordeal. Netizens loved it and of course, it went viral. The video shows Winslow, her cat, pressing the piano keys with Nyx asking if it’s already dinner time. A casual and positive reply would be a meow. However, if it’s not yet time, the cat responds with a long meow.

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

A musician, Kate Nyx says she had a piano on eBay back in high school. Winslow was curious and tried playing notes to know where the sound comes from.

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

Winslow uses the piano for self-expression like wanting attention or getting his litter cleaned up. Nyx taught the cat to move his paws up and down on the keys.

Believe it or not, because of this, the duo made a musical single. They call it Bean Gotta Scream. It involves one of Winslow’s solos.

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

Image credits: IAmKateNyx

Check out what people have to say about this new feline internet sensation.

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