Long and Lasting Lighthouse Photos

They say lighthouses are symbols of adversity and vigilance. They help steer through rough waters, literally and figuratively. Lighthouses usually guide seafarers while sailing. They produce light from a system of lamps and lenses. These help maritime pilots at sea navigate.

Over time, technology took over and these structures became important historical landmarks. The U.S. celebrates National Lighthouse Day on August 7th.

In the olden times, people used hilltop fires which were later on elevated on platforms. These were eventually made into lighthouses. Historically speaking, lighthouses were entry markers to ports. Built near the sea, these structures were taller and more durable.

Most if not all of them still exist until now. Although they do not have much use in this modern age, one would still look at awe at these classics.

Here is a collection of photos of beautiful lighthouses. Notice the difference between ancient and contemporary architecture. You could see lighthouses on still waters, others in mid-ocean as waves splash through them.

Go ahead. Scroll and marvel at these magnificent structures and timeless pieces.

Image credits:Matthew Jones

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