Copenhagen’s Soon to Be Public Park: The Floating Islands

Did you know that there are plans of making manmade islands in Copenhagen’s port? Designed by Aussie architects Marshall Blecher and Studio Fokstrot, these would show a rustic and extraordinary view to Denmark’s capital. It would be a great public place where you can wind down.

The islands will be open and free to anyone. People who love the outdoors like swimmers, boaters and kayakers would enjoy this. Copenhagen’s port of floating islands will be open this year soon.

Image credits: MIR

Just like any regular green space, there would be plants, trees and grass. This will be indeed a good home for aquatic life. The green ambience in the middle of the hustle and bustle will act as a reserve. Swans, pigeons, seagulls and ducks will enjoy.

Image credits: Copenhagen Islands

The designers are going to make use of old-style wooden boat-building techniques. The floating structures are elastic and the rest of the materials are recyclable and sustainable.

Image credits: Airflix

The parkipelago (floating islands) are going to be moved every season within the harbor.

Image credits: Copenhagen Islands

This fresh idea takes after the success story of a previous prototype island called CPH01. This was in 2018 and won design competitions. On the last quarter of this year, it will be with three more islands.

Here’s what netizens say about the project: