MD Proves Wearing a Mask While Running Doesn’t Lower Oxygen Levels

While the practice of wearing face masks and coverings has been proven to be a powerful weapon in fighting the pandemic, by many different countries, there are still a lot of people who don’t believe that they’re effective. In fact, some believe that wearing a facemask on a daily basis can have a harmful effect on a person’s health.

For instance, some individuals refuse to wear a face mask because, allegedly, it can lower your oxygen levels. A Yorkshire doctor named Tom Lawton recently decided to debunk this myth about face masks by running 22 miles while wearing one.

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Tom recorded and took his journey to Twitter.  During his run, the doctor carried an oxygen SATS meter with him.

This physician felt upset seeing the information circulated.

As said previously, Tom had an oxygen SATS meter with him so he could check his oxygen levels. He also said that his facemask did not fall off and oxygen levels stayed at 98% as he checked from time to time.

Additionally, Tom raised funds for the Trussel Trust. The collection was more than 2,400 pounds. The trust is a charitable organization focusing on famine and aids food banks in the U.K.

The doctor says he understands clearly why others don’t wear masks for one reason or another. Mostly for psychological reasons or PTSD, but everyone who can do so really should.

Look at the sentiments of people about the doctor’s conclusions:

Undoubtedly, some people were still not willing to listen.