Technological Innovations for Those Who Really Need Them

A lot of companies manufacture products purely for profit. However, there are still a few who tend to the needs of the disabled. For example, wheelchairs that have swings and paintings for the visually challenged.

One of the brilliant inventions is the Braille Alphabet which French soldier Charles Barbier created. This skill led to the invention of Napoleon’s secret code.

Back in 1821, Barbier attended a school for the blind where Braille was a student too. Braille eventually made Barbier’s code simple. He thought this might be useful for blind children. This led to the well-known reading systems in this modern age.

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The first hearing device was invented in the 1500s. Made of wood, they resembled the human ear and amplified sounds. History says the initial official patent for this kind of invention was issued in Britain back in 1836. They gave it to Alphonsus William Webster. He made a curved earpiece for the ear. The U.S. gave the first patent for this device to Francis D. Clarke and M. G. Foster. 

Alexander Graham Bell experimented on conducting sound using electrical devices. He then invented the telephone. This led the way to other inventions.