Snezhana Vinnichenko of Russia Amazes People with Rainbow Bright Hairstyles

When you walk the streets, you see people with the most typical hair colors. Our eyes are pretty much used to these basic hues. We are all familiar with very ordinary hair shades like black, brown, or blonde.  Simple as they are, some people are on the verge of trying out different coloring for self- expression or to simply try something new.

Snezhana Vinnichenko, a Russian artist, does the impossible. She does hair with the colors of the rainbow. They may be quite off or odd for some but to many, the colorful hues kill the ordinary.

The Russian hairstylist is based in Saint Petersburg. Just like any remarkable artist, Vinnichenko gained popularity on social media. Who would believe Snezhana would have almost 500k followers on Instagram?

One of her videos went viral lately and an Instagram user mentioned that the artist’s work was like cutting into a cake. The video showed someone’s dark brown hair with a hidden rainbow just underneath.

Here are a few photos to satisfy your curiosity. Feast your eyes and be entertained with a collection of Snezhana Vinnichenko’s hair masterpieces. Go ahead and take a look.

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