Photographer Captures Top 30 Beautiful and Interesting Pictures of Mantises

The list comprises tiny unnoticeable praying mantises. The nature of their front leg suggests their name as they always appear to be praying. These creatures are protective despite their size. They camouflage, maintain distance from predators but more readily catch their prey. These insects have a unique feature different from other insects.

Way is one of the few photographers who has noticed the beauty of these insects. Keep scrolling and see them for yourself.

These insects feed on their own species. They have a shocking behavior where a female mantis will eat their male counterpart as they copulate or after mating. This particular act has not stopped the males from mating with the females, however.

Research shows that females feed on their mates to get a supply of amino acids, which makes them lay many eggs compared to when they mate naturally.

Praying mantises are harmless to humans.

Way says he had a liking for wildlife photography since he was young. He likes Mantises mostly as they are ideal for macrophotography.

To capture a perfect mantis’ photo requires skills as the mantis seem hostile, but in the real sense, they are mild. Way has an average of 100 images of 100 praying mantis species, and he is still curious to find more.